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The year is 21397 as reckoned from the founding of the Republic (3656 years before the Battle of Yavin). The Galaxy is in the midst of the Great Galactic War, which began with a sneak attack by the Sith Empire 25 years ago.

The Sith came out of Unknown Space, lead by their mysterious Emperor, where they had bided their time and built up their forces for thousands of years. The Republic has suffered many defeats and the Sith Empire has grown prodigiously. The forces of democracy are in a fight for their lives.

Enemies of the Republic include the Sith, along with Fallen Jedi. The newly reconstituted Mandalorians. And the Krath, a darkside cult.

In addition to space battles and ground wars, the Republic and it’s allies must wage wars of intrigue and diplomacy, in order to gain any possible advantage.

Main Page

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