No Sure Bets

Fender Bending
Splitting the party worked so well last time.

The security staff at the Monarch, contact the heroes. They’ve captured an individual who was asking after “Alura”. The heroes are given the opportunity to interrogate him.

He’s a Wroonian, a blue-skinned near-human. After using a Jedi mind-trick on him he reveals he is a Sith operative and that “Alura” was a defector who had stolen vital intelligence. The heroes plan to transport their captive to the space-port where the Sith ship is docked. On the way Rethkast exits the vehicle to speak privately with Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat and apprise her of the situation.

A rodian and a Sith battle droid in a speeder attempt, but fail to run down Rethkast. A fight ensues. The Rodian is killed, the droid destroyed and the Wroonian attempts to escape in the chaos. He is soon recaptured.

Nub Wat recommends the heroes turn over their captive to the embassy and avoid a confrontation with the Sith. They comply.

Stop or my Jawa will shoot!
Actually, she'll shoot either way.

The heroes head to the Monarch casino to meet with Harbin Knox and enjoy the entertainments available. Knox meets with Paradin and Keeza privately, telling them they will be paid if they keep him abreast of their activities.

Rethkast meets a mysterious female force user, who calls herself Alura. She claims to be allied with the Jedi Council and looking for a way off-planet. She rejects Rethkast’s offers of help and all but erases herself from her mind.

With some effort they track her to a makeshift hideout in the casino’s basement. She attempts to flee, in the process drawing a red-bladed lightsaber. She is quickly gunned down by Keeza and Paradin despite Rethkast’s objections.

It is discovered that “Alura” has a code cylinder that gives access to Sith Imperial military assets. It seems she had defected and was bringing important intelligence to the Republic.

Rethkast goes for a walk to center himself when he is confronted by a Sith apprentice. A quick but brutal duel ensues and the Sith is felled by a grievous wound. More Sith arrive and retrieve the body of their comrade.

Grudge Match
Delinquent Miners

With Rethkast in the lead, the heroes chase the fleeing MIA officer into a warren of booby-trapped passages. Setting off two of the traps causes a cave-in pinning Parradan beneath the rubble.

Rethkast and Xamor look for an alternate route past the cave-in and end up in an area of the mine filled with a noxious, flammable gas. They are tailed by a mining droid that fires it’s plasma torch at them causing an explosion that knocks Xamor unconscious. The droid damages itself and becomes disabled.

Next the heroes head to an area of the mine infested with man-sized, pentagolaly-symmetrical silicon-based wildlife. They kill one and chase off the other.

Finally, the party enters the mines hub. A skirmish breaks out with mining droids and insurgents. Grun and the injured MIA officer are here leading a small force. A force slam wipes out most of the opposition but Grun continues to attack the heroes, focusing on and felling Rethkast. Concentrated fire brings down the feeorin at last. As wounds are tended to, Grun leaps to his feet and makes one last desperate attack. Again, he is cut down before he can do any more damage.

The heroes receive 720 xp.

Now that's how you use the force!

The heroes arrive at the now moth-balled Bigrock Mining Company. They unlock the gate and begin exploring the compound. It has been stripped of valuable equipment but clues indicate recent occupation.

As they approach the mine entrance MIA operatives emerge from a system of hidden tunnels, attempting to take the heroes into custody. They fight, killing most of the insurgents and defeating a trandoshan mercenary in the mine shaft.

The party makes contact via comm with an MIA officer and attempt to pose as the ambush party. They realize their ruse has failed when they are met by a heavily armed welcoming party. Blinded by high-intensity lights and dodging a hail of blaster fire and stun grenades, the heroes race down the hall when in range Rethkast releases a lethal wave of Force energy obliterating his enemies.

The MIA officer leading the assault (and now sole survivor) turns tail to flee.

The heroes earn 560 xp each.

Road Trip!
"I call laser shotgun!"

Kin Amía joins the party.

The heroes are asked to meet with Deputy Director Djahlik of the PPF. He warns them not to make the PPF look bad if they want continued support. They are also pointed to a recently released wanted poster offering a reward for the capture of a fugitive.

They soon learn that the mining company that Grun worked at is now abandoned and may hold some clues. On their way they are intercepted by speeder riding terrorists who are easily subdued.

The heroes earn 280 xp each.

Holostream Alpha News

“We’re here at the home of Tivven Senn, owner of Allied Shipping, where Planetary Police are taking Mr. Senn into custody. According to a statement by a PPF representative, Senn will be charged with providing material support to terrorists. An examination of Allied Shipping’s finances revealed payments to MIA operatives, including an assassin hired to eliminate Jedi Council representatives.”

“Here he comes now let’s see if we can get a statement.”

“Mr. Senn is innocent of any wrongdoing. He is a well-known philanthropist and was mislead by terrorist fundraisers. Mr. Senn loves this, the planet of his birth, and its people. The legal system will soon vindicate him.”

Hard Justice
Why is everything exploding?!?!

Keeza rewires the booby-trap at the backdoor to the warehouse, then enters and scouts around. The party decides to attack from the front in order to prevent escape. They dispatch the guard out front and cut through the door with their lightsabers.

Parradan Hevila is the first one inside and is promptly gunned-down in a hail of blaster bolts. Revel Xamor gets him back on his feet with the Force, while Rethkast Prin and Keeza destroy the speeder bikes that could provide the terrorists within with a means of escape. Rethkast now bears the brunt of the the attacks. Two bulk-loading droids are ordered into combat and joined by a power hammer wielding Feeorin.

Rethkast is being viciously battered, Xamor uses the Force to fling the Feeorin into one of the droids. It was wired to self-destruct, and does so spectacularly, wiping out most of the terrorists and nearly killing Rethkast.

The remaining combatants are dealt with and the heroes tend to their wounds while they await the authorities.

The next day the party begins running down leads on Chino. With a little luck and some credits they get a break; Chino is hiding out in a cave known as Scar’s Cave in the Uplands. The heroes hire an airspeeder and leave the cantina.

They detect and ambush and quickly subdue an assassin. Under interrogation he reveals that he was hired by the MIA to eliminate the heroes. The PPF agrees to float the rumor that the Jedi have been killed and monitor the assassin’s bank account in an attempt to back-trace the payment made by Kanzor’s employer.

The heroes take the hired airspeeder to the cave Chino is rumored to be hiding in. They find it guarded by a holoprojector and explosive tied to a tripwire. Chino’s swoop bike is parked at the rear of the cave. A battle with Chino ensues and he is subdued.

The heroes receive 1450 xp and 2000 credits each from Representative Voluma. They also receive the gift of a used Arrow 23 Landspeeder from Mikki Sandoval, a Yakoran used-speeder salesman whose life they saved at the Starry Night.

Worlport Today
with Cammie Hanza

Cammie: We’re delighted to have with us today, Dr. Berg Xoid, an eminent Khil sociologist. We’ll be discussing yesterday’s bombing in Coral Bay. Doctor, perhaps you could explain, what was the motivation behind this attack?

Dr. Xoid: Thank you for having me, Cammie. It seems this bombing was carried out by a group known as the Mantellian Independence Army, or MIA, for short. The reason behind this attack was to discourage the Planetary Congress from deciding in favor of Republic Inclusion.

C: I see. Why is it that so many Uplanders are opposed to Inclusion, and why would they resort to violence?

X: Well, I’m sure if you interviewed of these militant anti-Inclusionists they would say something trite about freedom or not wanting to get drawn into the Great War. But what it really boils down to is a matter of identity.

C: How so?

X: I’ve studied resistance movements quite extensively and ultimately they are all about identity. These Uplanders see themselves as hardworking, resourceful, individualistic.

Most of the citizens of the Republic they come into contact with are tourists. They see these tourists as lazy, decadent and exploitative. They see their wealth and fashion and feel inferior.

C: I’d never considered that before. I suppose you’re right.

X: The anti-inclusionist sees the Republic as a threat not only to their way of life, but their very sense of self. To become a citizen of the Republic is to become what they despise.

C: Will we see more violence from groups like the MIA?

X: I guarantee it. These groups will not stop. Not even after Inclusion is said and done. For some their individual identity will become irrevocably bound to the resistance movement.

C: Do you have any thoughts on the Jedi who responded to the scene?

X: It is very fortunate they were there. I am certain that many more lives would have been lost if it were not for their swift intervention. I am familiar, too, with the Jedi as an organization and I believe that this battle is now a personal one for them. They will be very interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

C: Thank you, Doctor. Again, that was Dr. Berg Xoid speaking about the Coral Bay bombing. When we return Mog-thazz will show you how to bake a delicious Ithorian quiche.

The First Volley
Boom goes the detonite.

The heroes decide to take Representative Voluma up on her offer and visit her restaurant. They are well received and enjoy their meal. While leaving the Starry Night and searching for transportation a speeding swoop nearly runs Keeza down, in the next moment a bomb rocks the street.

The heroes rush back to the Starry Night to aid the wounded, miraculously preventing any fatalities. After rendering all the aid they are able, they return to the Rosy Dawn to recuperate. Soon they are contacted by Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat who commends them on their bravery and asks them to follow through on an investigation and find the bomber.

The next morning the heroes receive photos from the Planetary Police Force of the swoop and it’s rider. Then they travel to the local swoop track and question Dossh, the pit boss, who tells them the swoop belongs to Chino, a racer who hasn’t been around lately. During their investigation they come across a friend of Chino’s who reveals her concerns for her friend and directs them to a warehouse where she once picked up a package for him.

They find the warehouse guarded and patrolled and the back entrance booby-trapped with explosives. Keeza disarms the bomb and unlocks the door.

The heroes receive 850XP and 500 credits each from Representative Voluma. They also receive 1000 credits each from the Planetary Fleet for bounties on the pirates.

Party Down!
Hobbing Knobs

Interrogating the pirate pilot a bit more, they begin to suspect that “Sharna” is not the victim she appears to be. Searching the galley, they find a cache of jewelry that may have belonged to the female leader of this pirate crew.

They contact the Captain of the Unintelligible Sparrow who doubts the hero’s suspicions but reluctantly agrees to post a guard at “Sharna’s” door and contact the heroes when awakes.

When they don’t hear from the Captain and are rebuffed by his crewmen, they contact Ord Mantell’s Planetary Fleet to warn them. Both ships are intercepted in orbit but the Unintelligible Sparrow is allowed to make landfall while the heroes are interrogated.

After touchdown, the party discovers “Sharna” has murdered a young woman, stolen her identity and disappeared into the shadows of Worlport. They give their story to Detective Yantz.

The heroes make their way to their accommodations and get settled in. They’ve received an invitation to a party being held in their honor, hosted by Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat and being thrown at the Republic Embassy.

While Rethkast, Xamor and Parradan rubbed elbows with Ord Mantell’s upper-crust, Keeza tried to surreptitiously enter the embassy. Keeza had to abort her plan when she triggered the compound’s security system.

The heroes met Adrimal Niall, Harbin Knox, Representative Shal and Representative Voluma.

The players earned 600XP.


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