No Sure Bets

"It's a trap!"
Dude. Really. It's a trap.

On their way to Ord Mantell the ship the heroes are traveling on receives a distress call. The captain of the ship mounts a rescue mission, at first spurning the heroes offers for help.

Almost immediately, the trap is sprung and many of the ship’s crewmen are killed. The heroes come to the rescue, killing half a dozen pirates who attempt an ambush.

They chase a wounded pirate to the upper deck of the ship where they encounter a menacing figure. This hulking brute wears armor constructed by Krath cultists and wields a Vibro-axe, also of Krath manufacture. The fight is short and brutal, Rethkast is injured, but the Krath lies dead.

In the galley they find the original crew’s lone survivor, a young woman named Sharna who appears to have been brutalized by the pirates.

As the heroes begin to commandeer the ship a booby trap near the bridge kills two more of the Unintelligible Sparrow’s crew. On the bridge they discover the ship’s pilot, a Duros who, along with a battle droid, tries to hold off the heroes. The droid is destroyed and the pilot subdued.

An interrogation commences. The heroes learn that the Krath cult split when they outgrew their old ship and that The Ax-man was not the pirates’ leader. At this time the Unintelligible Sparrow along with Sharna, has resumed it’s voyage to Ord Mantell and the heroes have successfully commandeered the cargo ship.

The players earn 600XP apiece.

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