Revel Xamor



Female Khil Jedi 5
Force Points: 7
HP: 54 (54)
Exp: 8840

Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 17

Speed 6 squares; Init +2; Perception +5; Base Attack 5;

Ref 16 (18) +2 from Conditional Melee Defense, -2 from attack to defense
Fort 16
Will 19

Lightsaber; 3 attack; damage 2d82; critical x2; type slash/energy; Ignores damage reduction

Telepathic Link for 1kilometer
Telekinetic Savant (swift action)
Skilled Adviser (full round action, +5 (force point makes +10))

Force Sensitivity
Weapon Proficiency: lightsabers, simple weapons
Force Training
Skill Focus: Use the Force +5/check
Skill Training: Persuasion (N)
Melee Defense -2 from attack → +2 Reflex save
Force Training (gives 4 extra feats)

Force Powers Known (Use the Force +6):
Mind Trick
Vital Transfer x2
Move Object x2
Kinetic Combat attack +8 (base attack + charisma mod) damage 2d8 +5 (heroic level/2 + normal damage + charisma mod)
Force Grip

Acrobatics 2=
Climb 2
Deception 5
Endurance 2=
Gather Information 5=
Initiative 2
Jump 2=
Knowledge: Life Sciences 9=
Knowledge: Galactic Lore 9=
Knowledge: Technology 9=
Mechanics -
Perception 5
Persuasion 5
Pilot 2=
Ride 2=
Stealth 2
Survival 5=
Swim 2=
Treat Injury 5=
Use Computer 4=
Use the Force 15
=Can take 10 after roll but before result is announced.

Lightsaber (pressure grip, green), Clothing (elaborate), Padawan Jedi ropes with pocket, all-temperature cloak, comlink (encrypted, holo capable), datapad, pocket scrambler, utility belt (Tool Kit, Ration Pack (3 days), Energy Cell, Glow Rod (light), Liquid Cable Dispenser with grapple hook, medipackx3, and power pack), Aquata Breather, Miniature Electro Binoculars, and credit chip (6575 cr), 50 credit gambling chit, kazellis light freight ship,

Khilese, Basic, Mon Calamarian, and High Galactic.

Age: 25, Gender: Female, Height: 5"3’ , Weight: 60kg

Dark Side Score:


Lumgup summons
Planet Ormantell resort planet, don’t know anyone there
They need to side with the Republic and we are to help come to that decision.
Diplomatic Attache Nubwat meet with
Beware of Sith and the dark side.

Jedi, has the same Master Lumpgut as Rethkast Prin (padawan brother).

Consoliating Jedi- PR campaign
Can starve in sterile environment

Jedi archivists were Jedi who were in charge of the Jedi libraries, and other databases containing information on the Jedi Order and its history. They would often remain close to the Jedi Temple Archives on Coruscant or Ossus, or join the ExplorCorps and travel the galaxy to expand their knowledge. Specializing in the storage, organization and retrieval of knowledge, they would receive and archive knowledge so that others might learn, and in the process expand their own awareness of the galaxy. Delving into many areas of study, allowing the Force to guide them to their areas of specialty, these Jedi rarely saw combat, and were only sent on data-retrieval missions, or to accompany diplomats in need of a constant stream of information.

The Jedi archivists were at their height in times of peace, flourishing in their libraries, and growing the Archives to astounding proportions. However, during the Clone Wars, they became few in number. The older Jedi believed that the younger Jedi at the time did not have the patience to become archivists, and so many went into roles that were more important at the time. One of the few potential archivists was Olee Starstone; however, Order 66 interfered in her training and progress. Many Jedi librarians were also Jedi historians, and some would also wear the Jedi historian robes. The Jedi archivists of Coruscant belonged to the Librarian’s Assembly, the organization that maintained the Jedi Archives.

Revel Xamor

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