Harbin Knox

Owner of The Monarch Casino and powerful underworld figure


Knox is an attractive man in early middle-age. His close-cropped black hair is graying at the temples. He dresses stylishly and carries himself with great confidence.


Harbin Knox was born on Ord Mantell. As a young man he joined the Planetary Fleet, working in the Quartermaster’s Office. It was there that he began to trade in illicit goods, bringing in contraband and selling military grade equipment.

Soon he left the Fleet to make it on his known. He opened a gambling house and began dabbling in other illegal activities. With his shrewd business sense and extensive contacts, he built the empire that he is known for today.

To most of Ord Mantell Knox is known as a legitimate businessman, albeit one with ties to the criminal underworld. But those in that underworld know that he is involved in extortion, loan-sharking, trade in restricted goods and is a silent partner in dozens of other criminal enterprises.

Harbin Knox is a supporter of Republic Inclusion and can often be seen rubbing elbows with high-ranking Mantellian government officials. In order to help realize his goal of Inclusion he has been known to resort to bribery and blackmail

Word is: Knox is aggressively recruiting Fleet pilots and scouting secluded Upland areas for unknown reasons.

Harbin Knox

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