Fongo the Hutt

Ord Mantell's most reprehensible criminal


Fat. Slimy. Green. He has a taste for expensive and garish jewelry.


A member of the Morgash crime family, Fongo scraped his way to the top of the Mantellian crime world. He engages in some of the more vile criminal activities, those that Harbin Know considers beneath him.

Fongo’s criminal activities include slavery, trade in illegal drugs, contract killing and illegal forms of prostitution. He is far less choosy in selecting his employees than Knox and many of Ord Mantell’s most debased sociopaths work for him.

A few years ago, he open the Pearl casino, hoping to capture the customer base impressed by ostentatious displays.

Fongo supports Republic Inclusion and tries to sway Independence leaning Representatives with threats of violence.

Fongo’s men are also scouting the Uplands and buying up property for unknown reasons.

Fongo the Hutt

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