No Sure Bets

Worlport Today

with Cammie Hanza

Cammie: We’re delighted to have with us today, Dr. Berg Xoid, an eminent Khil sociologist. We’ll be discussing yesterday’s bombing in Coral Bay. Doctor, perhaps you could explain, what was the motivation behind this attack?

Dr. Xoid: Thank you for having me, Cammie. It seems this bombing was carried out by a group known as the Mantellian Independence Army, or MIA, for short. The reason behind this attack was to discourage the Planetary Congress from deciding in favor of Republic Inclusion.

C: I see. Why is it that so many Uplanders are opposed to Inclusion, and why would they resort to violence?

X: Well, I’m sure if you interviewed of these militant anti-Inclusionists they would say something trite about freedom or not wanting to get drawn into the Great War. But what it really boils down to is a matter of identity.

C: How so?

X: I’ve studied resistance movements quite extensively and ultimately they are all about identity. These Uplanders see themselves as hardworking, resourceful, individualistic.

Most of the citizens of the Republic they come into contact with are tourists. They see these tourists as lazy, decadent and exploitative. They see their wealth and fashion and feel inferior.

C: I’d never considered that before. I suppose you’re right.

X: The anti-inclusionist sees the Republic as a threat not only to their way of life, but their very sense of self. To become a citizen of the Republic is to become what they despise.

C: Will we see more violence from groups like the MIA?

X: I guarantee it. These groups will not stop. Not even after Inclusion is said and done. For some their individual identity will become irrevocably bound to the resistance movement.

C: Do you have any thoughts on the Jedi who responded to the scene?

X: It is very fortunate they were there. I am certain that many more lives would have been lost if it were not for their swift intervention. I am familiar, too, with the Jedi as an organization and I believe that this battle is now a personal one for them. They will be very interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

C: Thank you, Doctor. Again, that was Dr. Berg Xoid speaking about the Coral Bay bombing. When we return Mog-thazz will show you how to bake a delicious Ithorian quiche.



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