No Sure Bets

The First Volley

Boom goes the detonite.

The heroes decide to take Representative Voluma up on her offer and visit her restaurant. They are well received and enjoy their meal. While leaving the Starry Night and searching for transportation a speeding swoop nearly runs Keeza down, in the next moment a bomb rocks the street.

The heroes rush back to the Starry Night to aid the wounded, miraculously preventing any fatalities. After rendering all the aid they are able, they return to the Rosy Dawn to recuperate. Soon they are contacted by Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat who commends them on their bravery and asks them to follow through on an investigation and find the bomber.

The next morning the heroes receive photos from the Planetary Police Force of the swoop and it’s rider. Then they travel to the local swoop track and question Dossh, the pit boss, who tells them the swoop belongs to Chino, a racer who hasn’t been around lately. During their investigation they come across a friend of Chino’s who reveals her concerns for her friend and directs them to a warehouse where she once picked up a package for him.

They find the warehouse guarded and patrolled and the back entrance booby-trapped with explosives. Keeza disarms the bomb and unlocks the door.

The heroes receive 850XP and 500 credits each from Representative Voluma. They also receive 1000 credits each from the Planetary Fleet for bounties on the pirates.



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