No Sure Bets

Stop or my Jawa will shoot!

Actually, she'll shoot either way.

The heroes head to the Monarch casino to meet with Harbin Knox and enjoy the entertainments available. Knox meets with Paradin and Keeza privately, telling them they will be paid if they keep him abreast of their activities.

Rethkast meets a mysterious female force user, who calls herself Alura. She claims to be allied with the Jedi Council and looking for a way off-planet. She rejects Rethkast’s offers of help and all but erases herself from her mind.

With some effort they track her to a makeshift hideout in the casino’s basement. She attempts to flee, in the process drawing a red-bladed lightsaber. She is quickly gunned down by Keeza and Paradin despite Rethkast’s objections.

It is discovered that “Alura” has a code cylinder that gives access to Sith Imperial military assets. It seems she had defected and was bringing important intelligence to the Republic.

Rethkast goes for a walk to center himself when he is confronted by a Sith apprentice. A quick but brutal duel ensues and the Sith is felled by a grievous wound. More Sith arrive and retrieve the body of their comrade.



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