No Sure Bets

Party Down!

Hobbing Knobs

Interrogating the pirate pilot a bit more, they begin to suspect that “Sharna” is not the victim she appears to be. Searching the galley, they find a cache of jewelry that may have belonged to the female leader of this pirate crew.

They contact the Captain of the Unintelligible Sparrow who doubts the hero’s suspicions but reluctantly agrees to post a guard at “Sharna’s” door and contact the heroes when awakes.

When they don’t hear from the Captain and are rebuffed by his crewmen, they contact Ord Mantell’s Planetary Fleet to warn them. Both ships are intercepted in orbit but the Unintelligible Sparrow is allowed to make landfall while the heroes are interrogated.

After touchdown, the party discovers “Sharna” has murdered a young woman, stolen her identity and disappeared into the shadows of Worlport. They give their story to Detective Yantz.

The heroes make their way to their accommodations and get settled in. They’ve received an invitation to a party being held in their honor, hosted by Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat and being thrown at the Republic Embassy.

While Rethkast, Xamor and Parradan rubbed elbows with Ord Mantell’s upper-crust, Keeza tried to surreptitiously enter the embassy. Keeza had to abort her plan when she triggered the compound’s security system.

The heroes met Adrimal Niall, Harbin Knox, Representative Shal and Representative Voluma.

The players earned 600XP.



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