No Sure Bets

Hard Justice

Why is everything exploding?!?!

Keeza rewires the booby-trap at the backdoor to the warehouse, then enters and scouts around. The party decides to attack from the front in order to prevent escape. They dispatch the guard out front and cut through the door with their lightsabers.

Parradan Hevila is the first one inside and is promptly gunned-down in a hail of blaster bolts. Revel Xamor gets him back on his feet with the Force, while Rethkast Prin and Keeza destroy the speeder bikes that could provide the terrorists within with a means of escape. Rethkast now bears the brunt of the the attacks. Two bulk-loading droids are ordered into combat and joined by a power hammer wielding Feeorin.

Rethkast is being viciously battered, Xamor uses the Force to fling the Feeorin into one of the droids. It was wired to self-destruct, and does so spectacularly, wiping out most of the terrorists and nearly killing Rethkast.

The remaining combatants are dealt with and the heroes tend to their wounds while they await the authorities.

The next day the party begins running down leads on Chino. With a little luck and some credits they get a break; Chino is hiding out in a cave known as Scar’s Cave in the Uplands. The heroes hire an airspeeder and leave the cantina.

They detect and ambush and quickly subdue an assassin. Under interrogation he reveals that he was hired by the MIA to eliminate the heroes. The PPF agrees to float the rumor that the Jedi have been killed and monitor the assassin’s bank account in an attempt to back-trace the payment made by Kanzor’s employer.

The heroes take the hired airspeeder to the cave Chino is rumored to be hiding in. They find it guarded by a holoprojector and explosive tied to a tripwire. Chino’s swoop bike is parked at the rear of the cave. A battle with Chino ensues and he is subdued.

The heroes receive 1450 xp and 2000 credits each from Representative Voluma. They also receive the gift of a used Arrow 23 Landspeeder from Mikki Sandoval, a Yakoran used-speeder salesman whose life they saved at the Starry Night.



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