No Sure Bets

Grudge Match

Delinquent Miners

With Rethkast in the lead, the heroes chase the fleeing MIA officer into a warren of booby-trapped passages. Setting off two of the traps causes a cave-in pinning Parradan beneath the rubble.

Rethkast and Xamor look for an alternate route past the cave-in and end up in an area of the mine filled with a noxious, flammable gas. They are tailed by a mining droid that fires it’s plasma torch at them causing an explosion that knocks Xamor unconscious. The droid damages itself and becomes disabled.

Next the heroes head to an area of the mine infested with man-sized, pentagolaly-symmetrical silicon-based wildlife. They kill one and chase off the other.

Finally, the party enters the mines hub. A skirmish breaks out with mining droids and insurgents. Grun and the injured MIA officer are here leading a small force. A force slam wipes out most of the opposition but Grun continues to attack the heroes, focusing on and felling Rethkast. Concentrated fire brings down the feeorin at last. As wounds are tended to, Grun leaps to his feet and makes one last desperate attack. Again, he is cut down before he can do any more damage.

The heroes receive 720 xp.



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