No Sure Bets

Fender Bending

Splitting the party worked so well last time.

The security staff at the Monarch, contact the heroes. They’ve captured an individual who was asking after “Alura”. The heroes are given the opportunity to interrogate him.

He’s a Wroonian, a blue-skinned near-human. After using a Jedi mind-trick on him he reveals he is a Sith operative and that “Alura” was a defector who had stolen vital intelligence. The heroes plan to transport their captive to the space-port where the Sith ship is docked. On the way Rethkast exits the vehicle to speak privately with Diplomatic Attache Nub Wat and apprise her of the situation.

A rodian and a Sith battle droid in a speeder attempt, but fail to run down Rethkast. A fight ensues. The Rodian is killed, the droid destroyed and the Wroonian attempts to escape in the chaos. He is soon recaptured.

Nub Wat recommends the heroes turn over their captive to the embassy and avoid a confrontation with the Sith. They comply.



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