No Sure Bets


Now that's how you use the force!

The heroes arrive at the now moth-balled Bigrock Mining Company. They unlock the gate and begin exploring the compound. It has been stripped of valuable equipment but clues indicate recent occupation.

As they approach the mine entrance MIA operatives emerge from a system of hidden tunnels, attempting to take the heroes into custody. They fight, killing most of the insurgents and defeating a trandoshan mercenary in the mine shaft.

The party makes contact via comm with an MIA officer and attempt to pose as the ambush party. They realize their ruse has failed when they are met by a heavily armed welcoming party. Blinded by high-intensity lights and dodging a hail of blaster fire and stun grenades, the heroes race down the hall when in range Rethkast releases a lethal wave of Force energy obliterating his enemies.

The MIA officer leading the assault (and now sole survivor) turns tail to flee.

The heroes earn 560 xp each.



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